The inventor of the Word Sculpture Rabbi Ben-Zion Bar-Ami was born in Rehovot,
Israel in 1945 to a family of scribes("sofer stam") This practice has been passed on
in his family for over 20 generations. Rabbi Bar-Ami has a bachelor of Psychology
from Bar-Ilan University and is a graduate of the higher yeshiva at Kerem B'Yavneh,
and at the
Moreshet Yaakov Rabbinicalin Rehovot.

His primary occupation has been in education. He has taught elementary school for
a number of years, and served as a principal of Rehovot's Tachkemoni elementary
school. At the same time he also practiced his family's ancient profession of writing
Torah, Tefilin, Mezuzot and restoring old Torah scrolls. About 30 Years ago Rabbi
Bar-Ami had began applying his extensive knowledge of Jewish sources and his
skills as a scribe to the creation of a new art form, uniquely and deeply Jewish in its

The Word Sculpture
The casual viewer looking at a Word Sculpture will see a pleasant picture or an
interesting geometric design. The knowledgeable observer will see that each Word
Sculpture is actually a micro-graphic recoding of holy writing. The artist draws on
parchment, using a feather quill and
special scribe ink. Every line is composed of
words from a holy Jewish text. The lines form shapes which add even more levels of
meaning to the whole work. For the viewer familiar with gematria - the assignment of
numerical values to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet -
the Word Sculpture becomes apparent between the theme of the picture, the
Hebrew texts, the direction in which they are written, and the gematria values
employed by the artist
in creating the various elements of the picture.

The Academy for the Study of the Holy Language- "Oht Leolam"
Rabbi Bar-Ami is the director of "Oht Leolam" Academy. The Academy studies the
Hebrew language and its script, with the goal of presenting the Holy language in all
of its beauty and spiritual richness. The Academy sponsors a week-long program
available to
Jewish Communities, Universities, Schools and other organizations
around the world. The program includes lectures by Rabbi Bar-Ami about his art
(which has been a tradition in his family for over 500 years!), along with an exhibition
of his works. The program also includes an exhibition about the scribe and his
works. Rabbi Bar-Ami himself is a scribe ("Sofer Stam") specializing in the
restoration of Torah scrolls. Students gain a greater appreciation of this art when,
under Rabbi Bar-Ami's direction, they are given the opportunity to write with a quill
and ink on parchment. During his stay in the community, Rabbi Bar-Ami is available
to check Torah scrolls. He prepares a written report detailing the condition of each
scroll, and corrects errors. He also gives consultations regarding a special new
method he has developed to help conserve the scrolls. These programs have
n to be effective as fund raisers. Through sponsoring such a program,
organizations offer participants an opportunity to meet the artist, to learn about his
work, and to gain an appreciation for the work of the scribes and for the beauty of
the Hebrew language.

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