Some time in late 2002 or early 2003 a Yeshiva student, a son of a good
friend in our neighborhood was selling bracelets for the memory of terror victims.
The bracelets are sponsored by  
OneFamilyFund.Org He approached me and I told
him I would participate and to please get me a bracelet for a child. I don't know why,
but that was my request. A couple weeks went by and I reminded him I was still
waiting for the bracelet. He finally called me and we got together I gave him $10 for
the bracelet. I did a little research regarding the name on the bracelet to find out the
name of the mother of the baby. I also decided to wear the bracelet on Shabbat and
to include the name of the baby in the names we submit for Hashkava after the Torah
reading Shabbat morning, to elevate the soul. This was my own personal Minhag and
nobody else really knew about it except for my wife.

Last December we received a call from a long time friend of my wife. The friend
asked us if we would be willing to host a visiting Rabbi from Rechovot, Israel  for
Shabbat that she had met several years earlier in New York at a Yemenite Cultural
convention. Not knowing much about him, and having a Rabbi in our house for
Shabbat made us a little nervous, but nevertheless we agreed. He arrived late
Thursday evening and seemed very modest and quiet. We did not get a chance to
talk much that first night, and I went to work early the next morning. We had a chance
to talk over Shabbat, but he remained pretty quiet and did not reveal too much about
himself and we didn't pry. Then Sunday afternoon we were having a bite to eat and
he mentioned that he worked directly with the family of terror victims in Israel. I
thought that was very interesting since I had been wearing the bracelet. Rabbi
Bar-Ami went on to say the name of the lady that he worked with was Ronit.
Immediately I said Oriah bat Ronit? That moment was frozen in time, We were both in
shock! The name on my bracelet is Oriah Ilan, and her mother is Ronit! Rabbi Bar-Ami
has been involved with this family for quite some time and regularly meets with them
and even teaches classes each Sunday in Ronit's house. We were able to get Ronit
and her husband on the phone and tell this whole story and she was also very
shaken and surprised by these events. I can go into more detail, but I'll keep it short
for now.

We met Ronit and the family this past July 2004 in Israel at their home, and discussed
how doing a $10 mitzvah, and praying for this Jewish soul has brought so much light
to the lives of many families after such a terrible thing. Since the initial meeting with
Rabbi Bar-Ami he has visited us three additional times and stayed with us. We have
introduced him to the Jewish communities here in South Florida and he has given
wonderful shiurim and has been able to finance his visits through the sale of his
unique art. Some of the proceeds also go to the terror victim families to help them.


Shlomo Brenner
Lidor ben Ronit HY"D
Oriah bat Ronit HY"D
In Blessed Memory
In Blessed Memory